Sunday & Monday, February 14 & 15, 2010

Both of these were down days. Good to take a break from all the activity. Now it’s time to come home and get to work for a week before heading back for the final week of competition when it will be Canada hockey, hockey, hockey!

Once again, traffic today (Monday) was relatively light. No problems getting to the airport and checking in. Stopped by the Coca Cola pin trading centre at the airport and picked up a few pins. These are certainly all the rage here. Everybody has pins! We got a Coca Cola pin specially designed with a photo of us holding the Olympic torch. Great little souvenir of our first few days here.

At the airport, everybody is watching CTV. Even on the WestJet flight home, most of the TV’s were tuned to an Olympic event. It was neat to see Alexandre Bilodeau get his gold medal at about 35,000 feet!

Really looking forward to coming back next weekend. Canada is starting to crank it up medal-wise. That will be it for my blogs for a few days. Did I mention it hasn’t rained for two days now?

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