Monday, April 5, 2010

The alarm went off at 5.55 am and we rushed to Eleven in the Grande to watch the launch of the space shuttle Discovery from the rooftop at 6.21 am. The launch was a spectacular ball of fire in the early dawn and we watched as the shuttle gained altitude and jettisoned its fuel tank. Five minutes after lift off we heard the sound of the launch as it finally made its way to Reunion from the Kennedy Space Centre about 60 miles away! Turns out we didn’t need to go to the rooftop of the Grande as Catherine had just as good a view from the luxury of the balcony of our condo! We headed back to bed for a few hours and then it was off to Busch Gardens in Tampa for a day of wild animals and rides. We had a good time and really enjoyed the setting of the animal park along with the most spectacular roller coaster rides we have been on yet. The SheiKra ride was completely awesome as you plummet 200 feet straight down at about 70 mph! Logan loved the Tanganyika Tidal Wave, the Stanley Falls Flume log ride and the Gwazi wooden roller coaster, Devon loved the Montu roller coaster while Catherine was all over the Serengeti Express! Another fabulous, hot, blue sky day! We also learned how to enter a Canadian postal code at a US gas station - remove all the letters from your postal code, add 00 and you are good to go!

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