Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time to finish packing and go home but not before one last day of shopping, swimming and sunshine. Decided to try and get an iPad today since they will not be available in Canada for a few more weeks. Headed down to the Apple Store at Millenia Mall to be there for the opening only to find out they were sold out. Jumped in the car and headed over to Florida Mall fully expecting the same result but was pleasantly surprised. They had a handful still in stock. Grabbed one of the final few and headed back to Reunion. Most of the packing had been done by the time I got back - thanks Catherine! We ate lunch on our patio one last time and then walked over to the waterpark for two hours of sun and water fun. When the park closed, we headed back to our condo, grabbed our bags and reluctantly headed to the airport. The plane left on time and we should be in Calgary just before midnight. What a great vacation! Reunion is a very special place for us. We’ll be back!

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