Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday in Orlando. Sun shining and easter eggs melting! Logan recovered well from an ear ache all night and the Easter egg hunt was on. Looks like he dropped lots of chocolate at our place! We went over to the Grande for Easter brunch. Good selection. Seems like the marshmallows and the chocolate fountain were the biggest hit. Following brunch, we walked back to our place to get ready for another lazy afternoon at the waterpark. Hottest day so far. Absolutely gorgeous. After some relaxing time in the sun, Catherine and I headed off for dinner at Emeril’s Orlando. It is one of our favourite restaurants. This time we discovered the mushroom, truffle flatbread. Outstanding! The corn bread muffins are to die for as is the caramelized white chocolate toffee crunch cheesecake with hazelnut shortbread and butterscotch sauce. We’ll be back!

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