Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Up at 4.00 am. Showered, dressed, checked out and ready to check-in for San Francisco at the United Counter by 4.30 am. Quite impressive for non-morning people! Flight left at 6.00 am - first flight of the day. Got the dreaded middle seat but slept most of the way so no big deal. Landed in San Francisco by 8.00 am - early. Looks like a beautiful day and a great time for a Starbucks. But alas, there is no Starbucks in the San Francisco airport! Settled for a macchiato instead at some local coffee bar but not quite what I had in mind. We headed for United’s business class lounge where we rustled up some toast and cereal, and checked a few emails. Fired up the laptop and logged into our tv back home where we watched the Biggest Loser - need to log in again later when we get to Hong Kong to catch Survivor - Go Russell, Go Parvati! The Hong Kong flight was called at noon and we made our way to the departure gate. We are in business class for the rest of our trip - the flat beds are a real treat. Left on time and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the flight is only thirteen and a half hours - was expecting something closer to fifteen hours. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, Wednesday became Thursday. We are almost flying over Tokyo now and have four and half hours to go. Catherine is asleep and I’m listening to Coldplay. Should be on the ground by 5.45 pm. Where did Thursday go?

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