Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time to leave Amansara and visit Amanpuri. We woke to an email from Thai Airlines advising us that they had cancelled our flight from Bangkok to Phuket and rebooked us later in the day. This meant more airport time and less beach time so we decided to look at other options to preserve our time at Amanpuri. We quickly ate breakfast and checked out of Amansara. As we were leaving, we looked back and saw a group of the staff members waving goodbye. This brought a tear to our eyes! The driver then gave us a wonderful parting gift - it was a print of Bayon temple. What a great place! We loved every minute of our time at Amansara. We arrived at the Siem Reap airport and managed to book an earlier connecting flight on Bangkok Airways from Bangkok to Phuket. This was perfect and allowed us to get to Amanpuri just after lunch instead of late afternoon. We were met at the Phuket airport by a driver from Amanpuri and whisked off to the resort. Another wonderful Aman property. The setting is absolutely stunning. This is probably the best hotel setting we have ever seen. Our room has a fabulous ocean view and we have our own private sala from which to enjoy it. We spent some time on the beach before going exploring. The water here is so warm. As we came up from the beach, we had a traditional Thai tea by the pool. The coconut pancakes were exceptional. We took a quick walk down to the local shops to check the place out. Found a fantastic shop selling ancient artifacts. Bit too pricey for us! Arrived back at Amanpuri for dinner. I had a wonderful Thai curry and Catherine enjoyed a beef dish cooked on hot rocks. Once again, we are off to bed early. Too much fresh air!

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